How To Choose A Suitable Concrete Batching Plant

How to choose a suitable concrete batching plant? It is a question. As an important equipment in the construction industry, selecting a suitable concrete batching plant is crucial for the efficiency and quality of engineering construction. This article will introduce the overall situation of the global concrete mixing plant market, and provide you with the principles for selecting suitable concrete plants.

Intelligent Automatic Control
Flexible Site Adaptability
Friendly To Environment
Broad Application Range

Global Market Situation Of Concrete Batching Plants

At present, the global concrete batching plant market is showing a steady growth trend. It is mainly benefited from the promotion of infrastructure construction, real estate development, and industrialization process. In the global market, the Asia Pacific region, Africa, Europe, and North America are the most important markets, with high demand in countries such as China, India, Egypt, the United States and Germany.

Principles For Selecting Concrete Batching Plants

Economy And Price

Taking into account factors such as the price of the concrete mixing plant, investment return period, maintenance costs, etc., select economically suitable equipment.


Brand Reputation

Choosing a well-known brand of concrete batch plant ensures product quality and reliability of after-sales service. Brands that have been validated in the market and have a good reputation usually have a high level of technical proficiency and stable performance.

Engineering Requirement

Based on factors such as project scale, production capacity, and construction requirements, the specific requirements for concrete mixing plants should be clearly defined. For example, small projects are suitable for choosing mobile mixing plants, while large projects require fixed mixing plants.

Technical Parameters

Consider the specific parameters of the concrete batch plant, such as production capacity, feeding method, mixing time, mixing drum volume, etc., to ensure that it can meet the engineering requirements.

Equipment Configuration

Important configurations include mixers, control systems, conveying systems, etc. High quality mixers can provide stable concrete mixing effects. Advanced control systems can achieve automatic control and data monitoring, and efficient conveying systems can improve production efficiency.

Precautions For Selecting A Suitable Concrete Batching Plant

  • On Site Inspection – Try to conduct on-site inspections and visits to get the manufacturer’s process technology and equipment quality. Also communicate with the manufacturers about your questions.
  • Checking Up After-sales Service – Choose a manufacturer with good after-sales service, including product warranty period, maintenance, spare parts supply, etc.
  • Research User Evaluations – Through online, consulting, and case studies, get user evaluations and experiences of different brands of mixing plants.
  • Solving Technical Difficulties – If there are special requirements or technical difficulties in the engineering project, communicate fully with the manufacturer to ensure that the equipment can meet the requirements.

Stationary Concrete Batch Plant

Large Production Capacity

Fixed Foundation

High Quality Of Products

Suitable For Large-scale Projects

Production Capacity (m3/h)25/35/50/60/75/90/120/180/240
Batching MachinePLD800/1200/1600/2400/3200/4800
Max. Aggregate Size80/60mm or 100/80mm or 120/80mm
Twin-shaft MixerJS500/750/1000/1500/2000/3000/4000
Aggregate FeederBelt Type or Bucket (Skip hopper) Type
Mixing Cycle60s or 72s

Skip-hopper Concrete Batch Plant

Campact Structure, Small Footprint

Easy Installation

Cost Efficient, Environment Friendly

Suitable For Small/Medium Projects

Production Capacity (m3/h)25/35/50/75
Batching MachinePLD800/1200/1600/2400
Max. Aggregate Size80/60mm or 100/80mm
Twin-shaft MixerJS500/750/1000/1500
Mixing Cycle60s or 72s

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Flexible Mobility

Low Consumption

Easy Installtion And Site Transferring

Suitable For Small/Medium Projects

Production Capacity (m3/h)25/35/40/50/60/75/90/100/120
Batching MachinePLD800/1200/1600/2400/3200
Max. Aggregate Size80/60mm or 100/80mm
Twin-shaft MixerJS500/750/1000/1500/2000
Mixing Cycle60s
LUTON FREE foundation type batching plant

Free-foundation Concrete Plant

Flexible Mobility

No Need of Foundation

Easy Installtion And Site Transferring

Suitable For Small/Medium Projects

Production Capacity (m3/h)25/35/40/50/60/75/90
Batching MachinePLD800/1200/1600/2400/
Mixing Motor Power (KW)18.5/30/18.5*2/30*2
Max. Aggregate Size (mm)100/80
Mixing Cycle60s


When selecting a concrete batching plant, multiple factors should be comprehensively considered, such as market demand, selection principles, brand and type selection, parameters and configuration, as well as price, etc. At the same time, attention should be paid to on-site inspections and after-sales service commitments to ensure that the selected equipment can meet project requirements and bring economic benefits. Through comprehensive and systematic comparison and analysis, the most suitable concrete mixing equipment for the project can be found.

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