HZS60 Belt Type Concrete Plant in East Timor

belt type batching plant in East Timor

HZS60 Belt Type Stationary Concrete Batching Plant in East Timor, Installed and Commissioned in July 2018

Product Details

concrete plant in East Timor

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Model HZS60
Rated Productivity 60m³/h
Main MIxer JS1000
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm) 80/60
Matched Aggregate Batcher PLD1600
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy 3000Kg ±2%

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Customer’s Feedback

We very appreciate LUTON Group’s working efficiency. The whole negotiation was effective and reassuring. We told them our worksite, expected size, budget and other information, then we got the satisfying solutions with very afforable price.

The whole installation tooks only about 10 days. They dispatch a group of experts with skillful guidance. After the professional teaching and training, our workers can skillfully operate these facilities now.

HZS60 installed in East Timor

Product Features of Our Belt Type Concrete Plant

1. Continous Conveying

The belt conveyor is the main difference from other types of concrete batching plants. This conveyor can continuously work and convey the aggregates discharged from aggregate batchers.

This working mode makes the belt-type concrete plant very efficient machinery. With less operation cost, the belt will automatically discharge these materials to the mixing tower.

Thus this type of concrete plant is ideal for commercial or industrial concrete production.

2. Large Capacity

The belt-type conveyor has a large capacity to transport the materials. Highly compatible with different sorts of concrete mixers, it can meet the most demand of any type of concrete production.

Relatively, this belt conveyor will take more area to install due to the giant size. Thus it is more suitable for those has less limitation in worksites.

3. Modular Structure

The whole plant is modular structure design. Hence each component can be transported and installed separately and easily. Though has a large size, it’s still not tough to work to get it engaged into normal work.

Besides, this convenient design can greatly save your cost compared to the traditional concrete batching plants.

4. High Working Efficiency

JS series twin-shaft concrete mixer is adopted for this concrete plant. The ingredients will get thoroughly mixed in this mixer. It ensures the high evenness of produced concrete.

Within 1 minute, this mixer can perfectly accomplish the mixing task. Thus it is productive to support the constant producing need of the belt-type concrete plants.

5. Customization Service

LUTON Group provides fully customize service for your plant and components. We own more than 22 years of manufacture and export experience in construction machinery.

It’s not difficult to get an ideal plant for your projects. All your needs can be realized with our skillful experts. If you’re willing to purchase a tailor-made concrete plant, please contact us to get a free quote.

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