What is Dry Mix Concrete

Dry mix concrete is a common material that has a wide application in sorts of construction fields. People may be confused about the dry mix concrete and wet mix concrete, hence this article is dedicated to helping you better know the dry mix concrete and the discrepancies between them.

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What is Dry Mix Concrete?

Dry mix concrete refers to dry-texture construction material. The whole producing process is accomplished without adding any water.

Generally the aggregates, powders. cement and other ingredients will be batched independently and then get discharged altogether into the mixing truck or packed into bags for longer storage.

To further utilize the dry mix concrete, you need to independently add enough water into the mixing truck together. The whole mixing process will accomplish during transport.

The producing process of dry batch concrete is quite simple and fast. Nonetheless, the mixing truck is not as powerful and productive as a professional mixer, thus this type of concrete has lower quality. And now the wet batch concrete has gradually taken place of dry batch concrete.


So, What is Wet Batch Concrete?

The main difference between it and wet mix concrete is their texture. Obviously, wet batch concrete is a wet construction material.

Before being discharged into the mixing truck, there is a special machine to process these materials. The central concrete mixer once receives the ingredients, the strong shaft and blade will thoroughly and homogeneously mix the materials with adequate water.

The whole mixing process is quite fast. Within 60 seconds, a twin-shaft mixer can excellently finish this work. Then you’ll get freshly mixed concrete for on-site use directly, or transport the wet batch concrete to places needed.

This method to produce concrete is more effective and more efficient. Now more constructions tend to adopt this method and purchase the related facilities to produce their concrete.

Especially in large commercial or industrial production, the wet batch concrete has become an ideal material for construction.

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How to Produce Dry Batch Concrete?

There are professional dry batch concrete plants to produce the concrete. The dry batch plant has series of equipment to process the materials. The following part will introduce the main steps.

1. Aggregate Feeding

The dry batch plant has aggregate batchers to process these inert granular materials. The whole working flow is automatic. The aggregate batcher will independently weigh and batch the aggregates. After accurately proportioned, it will discharge them on the conveyors.

2. Cement Feeding

The dry batch plant also has silos to store the cement, powders, and adhesives. The weighing hoppers can accurately batch these materials unleashed from silos. Then the special screw conveyors are for transporting these materials.

3. Materials Discharging

After weighing and batching, these dry materials will get mixed together. The mixing truck will directly receive the dry batch concrete, with added water, the mixing drum will stir them at a certain speed till reach the worksite.

If the dry batch concrete is not for on-site use, the dry batch plant also has package machines to pack them in bags for longer storage.


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