Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Large capacity and continuous feeding make our belt type conveyor plant popular for different scales of the concrete projects.

The capacity (m³/h) of the belt type concrete plant we provide is from
25 to 240, if you have any other special needs, you can also tell our expert to adjust your plant.

Over 4,000 Plants of LUTON Group are Exported to 110 Countries and Areas.

Belt Type Plant for Sale

hzs180 concrete batching plant


The belt-type conveyor can perfectly cater to the large capacity of HZS180. It can be widely used in large construction projects.

Price Range: $100,000-$300,000

Rated Productivity180m³/h
Main MIxerMAO4500
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Belt conveying Capacity(t/h)650
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy4500Kg ±2%
hzs50 concrete batching plant


The HZS50 concrete batching plants are one of the most adopted models among all the series. The moderate size and capacity can be used for most occasions.

Price Range: $40,000-$80,000

Rated Productivity50m³/h
Main MIxerJS1000
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD1600
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy3000Kg ±2%

hzs100 wet batch mixing plant


This HZS90 is a suitable choice for commercial use, such as a concrete supplier or concrete contractor. It’s durable and has a long lifespan.

Price Range: $60,000-$120,000

Rated Productivity90m³/h
Main MIxerJS1500
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD2400
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy4500Kg ±2%

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Our Customers Are Ramplified All Over The World

“The HZS90 we purchased from LUTON Group perfectly meet our expectation. We emphasized that we needed a plant that can constantly produce the concrete for a long time, then this belt-type plant really did it! We are shocked at this continuous working mode.”

Kahoku Phommathep, Laos

“I’m a concrete supplier and we have a strict demand on the concrete purity to ensure of product quality. We picked HZS120 of LUTON Group for our new factory in a dusty zone. The belt conveyor has a full cover to resist the rain and dust. Our team and engineers are very satisfied with this machinery. “

Tinn Jivacate, Thailand

What Are The Advantages of Belt Type Concrete Plant

belt type conveyor of stationary concrete plant

1. High Efficiency

The belt type concrete plant has a short mixing period since the belt design can realize the constant supply of aggregate. The whole mixing process can go continuously. Compared to the skip hopper type, the belt conveyor plant can get 20% promotion of mixing efficiency.

2. Automatic Process

The belt conveyor is automatically controlled by computer, the whole procedure will go on independantly. This is more compatible to the continuous working mode and can reduce extra labor cost.

3. Full Coverage

The belt conveyor is designed with a full dust cover. This efficiently reduce the pollution from dust and water of 85%. Thus the quality of concrete is fully guaranteed.

4. Accurate Calculation

With the automatic design of belt type plant, the whole weighing and discharging is precisely calculated by computer. The aggregates are strictly proportioned to make sure the stability of concrete quality.

Belt Type Plant VS Skip Hopper Plant


The belt type conveyor adopts a continuous working mode. All the aggregates will be constantly conveyed to the central mixer. Thus the productivity of this concrete plant is usually efficient.

The skip hopper type plant uses a hoist bucket to convey the aggregates separately, thus the productivity is generally lower than a belt type one.


The belt type conveyor is a complex structure, making the installation a little bit difficult than a skip hopper one. The overall cost including purchase, installation, and maintenance will be higher.

Consequently, the belt conveyor concrete plant is mostly adopted by those running large construction projects, or by the concrete company.


To avoid the falling of aggregate during the feeding, the slope of the belt conveyor is designed in a small angle. Thus most of them have a long body to reach the mixing tower.

This needs a large and open area for the installation of belt type plant. As the result, this type of conveyor is often equipped for the large plant

If you’re limited by the area, then the hopper type will be a better choice. Less place taken making it possible to be installed in narrow space.