Differences Between Continuous Concrete Plant And Non-continuous Concrete Plant

The continuous concrete plant and non-continuous concrete plant are all widely used for industrial, commercial, or individual concrete producing projects. Both productive and efficient they are, they still have many differences.

Continuous Concrete Plant

continuous concrete plant

The continuous concrete plant can constantly produce high-quality concrete at a very fast speed. The computer will control the whole feeding system. All the materials will be automatically and continuously discharged into the concrete mixer for production.

To further ensure the stability of concrete quality, LUTON Group adopts twin-shaft mixer as the central mixer for the continuous plant. It is perfectly compatible with the continuous working mode and the concrete produced is of high homogeneity.

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Non-continuous Concrete Plant

non-continuous concrete mixing plant

The non-continuous concrete plant will separately and intermittently conduct feeding, mixing, and discharging processes. To be compatible with this working mode, the non-continuous usually adopt skip hoist conveyor to transport the aggregate.

The non-continuous design can ensure all the materials is well proportioned. The evenness and accuracy will be higher and more reliable. Thus it is also favored and adopted for different kinds of concrete production.

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Different Conveyor

The continuous batching plant usually adopts belt type conveyor to transport the aggregates. The belt conveyor can continuously convey the aggregates to the mixer at a constant speed.

As for the non-continuous batching plant, it often uses a skip hopper conveyor. This type of conveyor will transport the materials in batches. Thus they can get fully proportioned before engaging into the mixing process.

Different Size

Due to their different components and structures, these two kinds of batching plant has differences in size.

The belt conveyor has a small slope for stable conveying. Thus most of them will take a large area to install. The requirement for a continuous batching plant is equally higher.

While the skip hopper will take much less area than a belt-type conveyor. The non-continuous concrete plant can be installed in some narrow space, suitable for those limited by area.

Different Cost

The continuous concrete plant has a larger scale, thus the cost of facilities, transportation, and installation will be a little bit higher. It is often adopted in large concrete project, also suitable for industrial or commercial use with its large output capacity.

The non-continuous concrete plant, on the contrary, the compact size makes it adorable in small concrete project since the cost will be highly reduced. The operation is also easier than a continuous one.

LUTON Group provides fully customization service for both continuous concrete plants and non-continuous concrete plants. Every component will be precisely designed for your need. If you’re willing to purchase, please contact us now. Our service will give you the most satisfying plant solution.

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