Non-continuous Concrete Plant

Easy to install and operate, the non-continuous concrete plant of LUTON Group is popular among investment beginners of concrete.

The capacity (m³/h) of the mobile plant we provide is from
25 to 120, if you have any other special needs, you can also tell our expert to adjust your plant.

Over 4,000 Plants of LUTON Group are Exported to 110 Countries and Areas.

Choose Your Prefered Type

Stationary Plant

The stationary type is the traditional and standard model of our non-continuous concrete plant. This type of concrete is more stable and durable. It can withstand high-intensity work, thus making it possible for higher productivity.

hzs50 non-continuous concrete batching plant


Price Range: $40,000-$80,000

Rated Productivity50m³/h
Main MixerJS1000
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD1600
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy3000Kg ±2%

hzs100 non-continuous mixing plant


Price Range: $60,000-$120,000

Rated Productivity90m³/h
Main MixerJS1500
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD2400
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy4500Kg ±2%

hzs180 non-contunuous concrete batching plant


Price Range: $100,000-$300,000

Rated Productivity180m³/h
Main MixerMAO4500
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Belt conveying Capacity(t/h)650
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy4500Kg ±2%

Mobile Plant

With the free foundation design, the mobile plant of LUTON Group now is increasingly adopted by our customers. It’s more flexible and more convenient. At a very affordable price, then you can get this type of plant.

YHZS35 non-continuous mobile concrete batching plant


Rated Productivity35m³/h
Main MixerJS750
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD1200
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy2000Kg ±2%
YHZS 40 non-continuous mobile plant


Rated Productivity40m³/h
Main MixerJS750
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD1200
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy2000Kg ±2%

LUTON Group, concrete plant manufacturer, is committed to providing the highest quality for you.

Founded in 1999, LUTON Group has become a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of rmc concrete plants, self-loading concrete mixers, dry mortar mixing plants in China.

We own a group of expert with mature experience and skills, always ready for your device.


We have over 22 years of concrete plant exporting experience.


Our products have been exported to 113 countries and areas.

1,000+ Technicians

We have a full-service expert group of more than 1,000 technicians.


Our factory and company cover an area of over 300,000 m2.

We Pick Reliable Component for Our Plant

Central Mixer


High Efficiency
The twin-shaft mixer can get the whole material mixed thoroughly and evenly in a very short time.

Low Cost
The improved driving equipment helps shorten the mixing period. Thus it’ll take less electric power.

High Durability
Made of chromium alloy, the mixing blades and shafts are highly wear-resistant to fit tougher work




aggregate batcher

Aggregate Batcher


Automatic Process

The whole process of aggregate feeding, weighing, and discharging can be realized automatically with this aggregate batcher. Thus the labor cost can be saved by more than 40%!

Accurate Weighing

The aggregate bins are under the control of the computer. The weighing process goes separately.

Compared to the traditional weighing method, this batcher promotes accuracy by 67%.

The Mixing Principle of The Non-continuous Concrete Plant

1. When the non-continuous concrete mixer begins to work, centered in each shaft, all the ingredients will be formed into a rotating three-dimension vortex.

2. The two vortex owns a cross range at the middle of the concrete mixer, where the components will get fully exchanged.

3. With the high-efficiency power supplier, all the charged electric power will be fully transferred into the kinetic energy of the ingredients.

4. When these materials get fully mixed in a couple of seconds, they’ll be converted to fresh accomplished concrete.

The Advantages of Non-continuous Concrete Batching Plant

1. Less Area

Generally speaking, the continuous concrete batching plant is usually equipped with a belt-type conveyor to cater to the constant feeding need. This type of conveyor is designed in a long shape.

While the non-continuous concrete batching plant adopts hopper-type conveyor. Compared to the continuous type, it greatly saves the area taken.

2. Higher Accuracy

Due to the non-continuous design, all the ingredients will be accurately weighed and calculated before being discharged into the concrete mixer. Thus the accuracy of the proportion is guaranteed.

3. Faster Speed

The whole non-continuous concrete mixing plant of LUTON Group is equipped with variable frequency drive. It accelerate the entire working process. In a very short time, the weighing, batching, and mixing can be accurately accomplished.

What Should Consider When Purchasing A Non-continuous Concrete Plant?

1. The Sort Of Your Concrete Standard

The concrete mixer shows a great impact on the concrete quality. For example, when you are in need of concrete for hydraulic construction, then you should choose a compulsory type to ensure the homogeneity.

2. The Amount of Work and The Working Period

Consider your whole amount of concrete needed, the working time per day, the utilization factor, and choose the proper size of the concrete plant. If you find it difficult, just tell your need to our expert, we have the skillful experience to customize your plant.

3. The Working Environment

The working environment will greatly affect your decision. For example, if you’re in a large amount with no neighbor concrete plant. Then we propose you purchase two smaller plants for unexpected needs. While if you’re in a place where traffic is not convenient. Then a plant with a double central mixer is a better solution.

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