How To Batch Concrete?

The batching of concrete is a critical step during the production of concrete.  The well-proportioned material can ensure the stability of your concrete quality. In this article, we’ll give an introduction about how to properly batch concrete.

ways to batch concrete

Methods to Batch Concrete

There are mainly three ways to batch your concrete. Randomly manual batching, volumetric batching, and weight batching.

1. Manual Batching

This is the most primordial and traditional method to batch concrete. The workers only count the numbers of tasla as the way to measure the proportion of concrete materials including aggregates, cement, and other adhesives.

However, this method will lead to a large instability to the material proportion, and consequently the quality of mixed concrete is hard to ensure. Hence this way to batch concrete is gradually eliminated even in small sized concrete projects.

To better ensure the concrete quality, the concrete suppliers are inclined to adopt these following methods:

2. Volumetric Batching

This is a typical method to batch the concrete materials. Workers will use gauge boxes as the volumetric container to measure the materials.

There’re different sizes and types of gauge boxes to independently measure the coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and cement. And according to the preset volume, add the corresponding amount of materials to batch the concrete.

Though a little bit rough, this way to batch concrete is simple to realize, and fast to process. It is suitable for small or medium sized construction projects due to this high working efficiency and low batching cost.

3. Weight Batching

The weight batching is also a prevailing way to measure the concrete materials. This method mainly relies on the weighing hopper or individual weighing system.

For example, a concrete plant is equipped with aggregate batchers with automatic weighing system to measure the aggregates independently. Also the silos are connected to the weighing hopper to measure the cement.

This way of batching can greatly promote the accuracy of materials proportion. For concrete of different standard, it only requires to adjust the preset weight for each material, then these machines and systems can accurately calculate and batch the materials.


How To Choose A Proper Concrete Batching System?

1. Size of Your Projects

The weight batching system is usually adopted for the concrete batching plant, most of which are used for industrial or commercial concrete production. If your project is a smaller-sized one, then you could consider a volumetric batching system, or more simply, the manual batching.

2. Concrete Amount

The concrete amount is closely related to your working efficiency required. If you need a higher efficiency method to process these materials, you can choose a volumetric batching mechod.

3. The Accuracy of Proportion

The weight batching system is an excellent method to accurately measure the materials, thus the working accuraty is highly ensured. If you have high standard on your concrete quality, this type of batching system is a perfect choice.