Self Loading Concrete Machine

Compact size with great portability, the self Loading concrete machine is an advisable choice for many small projects.

The self-loading concrete machine of LUTON Group is available from
1.2m3 to 6.5m3. It has large productivity that is equal to a small concrete plant but has a lower price for at least 20%

Over 30,200 Self-loading Concrete Mixers of LT Group Have Been Exported to 113 Countries

Compact Size, Strong Power

lt 1.2 self loading mixer


Price: $12,000 – $15,000

Equipment ModelLT-1.2
Discharge Capacity1.2m³
Rated Power55KW
Gear4 forward/4 back
Drum Rotates270º
Oil tank16 liters
lt5.5 self loading mixer


Price: $50,000 – $65,000

Equipment ModelLT-5.5
Discharge Capacity5.5m³
Rated Power110KW
Gear2 forward
2 back
Drum Rotates270º
Oil tank16 liters

Your Trustworthy Machine for Challenging Area

See the outstanding features of our self-loading concrete machine.

Compact Size

With a smaller size, it can be easily engaged into some projects where the area is extremely limited, for example the mountain area.

Easy Driving

The highest speed can reach 40km/h, thus you can drive to some distant area that a traditional plant could not support.

Self Propelled

With diesel power, it can be easily used in some place that electric support may not sufficient such as the countrysite construction.

270° Rotate Drum – Larger Coverage Than Ever!

50% coverage space promoted by our new design, the construction become more easier!

LUTON Group improve the drum rotated, the range was increased to 270 ° . Now with less effort, you can pour the finished concrete directly to the ground.

Instead, the traditional self-loading machine can only cover a half-moon area. When the space is narrow, it’s quite difficult to cover some challeging space.

With this flexible design, it can fit more projects especially for some road construction.

Our newly design mixer truck precisely fixes this problem, contact us if you’re interested in this product!

Main Series of Our Self Loading Concrete Mixer

TypeLT-1.2 LT-1.8 LT-2.0LT-2.6LT-3.5LT-4LT-5.5LT-6.5
Production capacity(m3/h)1.2m3 1.8m32.0m3 2.6m33.5m3 4.0m3 5.5m3 6.5m3
Rated Power55KW78KW78KW78KW85KW91KW110KW92KW
Gear4 forward
4 back
2 forward
2 back
2 forward
2 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
4 forward
4 back
2 forward
2 back
4 forward
4 back
Oil tank16 liters16 liters16 liters16 liters16 liters16 liters16 liters16 liters

Go Through More Technical Support

Double Pump

The mixer truck of LUTON Group is equipped with two high pressure pumps. They can provide enough oil flow for the machine to work normally.

Automatic Hopper

The front bucket of our self loading concrete machine can be flexibily retracted. The feeding and discharging of material can all be operated automatcially.

Solid Joint

To ensure no leakage of oil, LUTON Group adopt 24° H type joint that meet the international standard. Beisdes, it ensures the large oil flow and is easy to clean and maintain.

Solid Wheels

The wheel is triple-layer design, this extremely promotes the wear resistance and pressure resistance compared to the traditional type mixer truck. The security and durability is greatly guaranteed.

Main Components Of Our Machine

Loading System

The loading system of our self-loading concrete machine mainly consists of an automatic bucket. Some buckets can be installed with a inner blade for easier cutting the cement bag.

Weighing System

The weighing sensor is installed onto the loading bucket. When the feeding process starts, the weight will appear on the visual screen in the control room. Thus the operater can directly know the accurate weight of material loaded.

Mixing System

The self-loading concrete machine has two types of mixer, drum type and pan type. Both of them have high working efficiency with excellent mixing quality. With strong diesel engine, the mixer can fully and strongly mix the concrete.

Discharging System

The concrete machine is equipped with a 270 rotated degree drum. Once finished, the drum can directly discharge the fresh concrete to the place needed.

Working Principle of Our Self Loading Concrete Machine

The whole working process is quite easy. You just need an machine operator and an assistant, the two people with this machine can be comparable to a small batching plant.

Above all, the cement is discharged mannually into the feeding bucket. The filling the drum with enough water for preparation. The automatic weighing system can accurately proportioned the aggregates and other materials. Then the bucket will discharged these materials into the mixing drum quickly.

After being efficiently and evenly mixed, the finished concrete will be discharged to the place needed from the mixing drum.

If you are interested into this machine, contact us to get the latest price.

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