Portable Concrete Batching Plant

The high flexibility and portability make the portable concrete batching plant of LUTON Group outstanding.

We adopt the twin-shaft mixer for our plant, the efficiency get promotion of 30%.

The capacity (m³/h) of the portable plant we provide is from
25 to 120, if you have any other special needs, you can also tell our expert to adjust your plant.

Over 4,000 Plants of LUTON Group are Exported to 110 Countries and Areas.

Our Mostly Exported Models

YHZS35 portable concrete batching plant


As one of the most popular models of our portable concrete plant, it can fit most projects at very affordable price.

Rated Productivity35m³/h
Main MixerJS750
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD1200
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy2000Kg ±2%
YHZS 40 mobile plant


More productive! It’s an updated version of our portable concrete batching plant.

Rated Productivity40m³/h
Main MixerJS750
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD1200
Aggregate Weighing Accuracy2000Kg ±2%

Everything Will Be Easier

Easier to Transport

LUTON Group adopts modular structure for our portable concrete batching plant. The component is packed separately. Reduce the cost of transportation by at least 25%.

Less Space

With our free-foundation design, the whole portable concrete plant can be even installed on a flat concrete floor.
Saving your site cost by 43%!

Faster to Install

Comparing to the stationary type, the portable concrete batching plant is easier to install. We help you save the installation time by about 60%.

Simpler to Operate

With our integration control system design, the whole production process can be controlled on a panel. Your labor cost will save at least 33%.

LUTON Group, concrete plant manufacturer, is committed to providing the highest quality for you.

Founded in 1999, LUTON Group has become a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of concrete batching plants, self-loading concrete mixers, dry mortar mixing plants in China.

We own a group of experts with mature experience and skills, always ready for you.


We have over 22 years of concrete plant exporting experience.


Our products have been exported to 113 countries and areas.

1,000+ Technicians

We have a full-service expert group of more than 1,000 technicians.


Our factory and company cover an area of over 300,000 m2.

Each Component Is Time-tested

Central Mixer

The concrete mixer is the central part of the whole concrete plant.

LUTON Group mainly adopts twin-shaft concrete mixer for our concrete plant. This type of mixer has higher efficiency and durability.

It can get all the ingredients thoroughly mixed and then discharge them into the transportation truck.

Besides, we also provide single-shaft type with lower price and vertical planetary type with higher homogeneity.

Just tell us your need and budget, we help you customize your plant with all sincerity.




aggregate batcher

Aggregate Batcher

Aggregates batcher is one of the core components of the portable concrete batching plant.

No need for extra labor costs. The aggregate batcher realizes the automation and integration of batching, weighing, and discharging of all sorts of aggregates.

With our improved tech, our aggregate batcher has 30% higher accuracy of weighing. Now, fewer errors will be caused during the batching process.

The number of the aggregate bins depends on the kind of aggregate. Besides, if you have other special needs about the size or methods of weighing, all can be adjusted.

Concrete Silos

The concrete silos are the most attractive components of the concrete plant.

It has a grandiose appearance and large capacity. Mostly used for the storage of cement and powders such as fly ash.

Equipped with an electric dust collector, it can remove the dust automatically.

The number of silos is related to your plant size. We reinforce the package for our silos to reduce the abrasion during transportation.

silos of concrete plant

What is the Advantage of Using a Portable Concrete Batching Plant?

The most outstanding feature of the portable concrete batching plant is the great mobility. The whole plant is designed for free-foundation. Thus it can be dismantled and transported easily.

The portable concrete plant can be mainly divided into two types. trail-type and pull-type.

The trail-type has a complete chassis, equipped with both front axle and back axle. While the pull-type portable concrete batching plant only has a back axle. Thus it needs a motor tractor to pull.

Besides, the portable concrete plant has other features.

1. It covers a smaller area.

Since this concrete plant does not needs a foundation, the coverage of the whole site can be relatively reduced.

2. It is productive with a simple design.

The portable concrete batching plant has a horizontal compulsory mixer. The quality and efficiency is well ensured. The mobile design simply extra facility and structure to the plant. Thus this plant is easy to install.

3. Good choice for small projects.

The compact size of the portable plant can be installed in a challenging area, including some narrow low-laying land. If you are limited in worksites, this type of concrete plant is the top choice.

4. High flexibility.

With a tractor, the plant can be easily transported to other worksites once the project is accomplished. The recycling feature of this plant can save a large amount of cost.

Why the portable concrete batching plant becomes more and more popular?

The mobile concrete batching plant now is a trend among the concrete investment of beginners. It has a lower cost and is easier to install, thus it can help the investors gain the returns efficiently.

Besides, since it can be transported site by site, it ensures the freshest concrete quality for construction. There’s no need for long journey transportation (the concrete quality may get lower during this period).

Consequently, the portable concrete batching plant is favored among both investors and engineers.

LUTON Group has concrete plant exporting experience over 22 years. We strictly control the quality of each product and concentrate on every detail.

The portable concrete plant is one of our best-sold products. We have the mature skill to adjust your detail need.

If you’re interested in the price and more details of this portable type concrete batching plant. Please contact our expert to get a more profound communication.

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