Free Fall Concrete Mixer

The free fall concrete mixer of LUTON Group has an extremely easy operation method. It’s an advisable choice for the beginner of concrete investment or for small industrial use.

The discharging capacity (L) of the gravity concrete mixer we provide is from
200 to 1000, if you’re willing to purchase, contact us to get the latest price!

Over 15,200 Mixers of LUTON Group are Exported to 110 Countries and Areas.

We Have Solutions For Different Producing Need

JZC500 free fall concrete mixer


Discharging Capacity350L
Rated Productivity10-14m³/h
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Rotating Speed13r/min

JZC500 free fall mixer


Discharging Capacity500L
Rated Productivity18-20m³/h
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Rotating Speed13r/min

JZC750 free fall mixer


Discharging Capacity750L
Rated Productivity20-22m³/h
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Rotating Speed13r/min

LUTON Group, construction machinery manufacturer, is committed to providing the highest quality for you.

Founded in 1999, LUTON Group has become a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of rmc concrete plants, self-loading concrete mixers, dry mortar mixing plants in China.

We own a group of expert with mature experience and skills, always ready for your device.


We have over 22 years of construction machinery exporting experience.


Our products have been exported to 113 countries and areas.

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Working Principle of Our Free Fall Concrete Mixer

The free fall concrete mixer has a very simple working principle.

When it begins to work,the drum will starts to rotate, the inner mixing blades will lift the ingredients to a certain height, then they will get fall down under the force of gravity.

This recycle up and down will last for a couple of seconds, to ensure all the ingredients get fully and evenly mixed.

The simple working mode makes it greatly easy to assemble and operate. The free fall concrete mixer of LUTON Group thus is favored by many customers as the beginner machine for their concrete project.

It can be used for producing large volume of concrete. Though with a simple structure, it still has excellent performance in many cases. If you are intended to know more about this mixer, just contact our expert.

What Should Be Noticed When Using?

1. For the first use of the free fall concrete mixer, please strictly follow the operation mannual, check the components and systems step by step. Do some necessary pilot run to make sure the whole machine can work normally.

2. If you’re going to use such a free fall mixer for a stationary plant, then this mixer should be fastened tightly on a platform for longer use.

3. While if you plant to install the free fall mixer into a mobile concrete plant, use a sturdy frame to hold it, making sure the wheel of the chassis has no subject to load.

4. When the mixer starts to work, do not feed materials until the drum reach the normal rotate speed. After feeding, fill with enough water in time.

5. If you want to add next batch of materials, please ensure all the inner concrete is fully discharged. Do not interrupt when the machine is working.

6. Avoid slag or gravel being fallen into the mixing element when feeding. What’s more, do not stand beneath the feeding hopper when it get lifted.

7. Cut off the electric power if you find any problem when working. Then do the check work.

8. Clean the inner machine when work is done. If you need to get people into the mixer for deeper cleaness, please make sure the machine is cut off.

LUTON Group has an experienced group of after-sale service experts, if you have any problems after purchased, we adhere to solving your troubles instantly.

Main Systems Of The Free Fall Concrete Mixer

1. Mixing System

The mixing system is mainly composed of a mixing drum with inner blades. When it works, the drum rotates, and the blades will get the ingredients lifted and free fall repeatedly.

2. Feeding System

The feeding system consists of a skip hopper, steel wires, hanging wheels, and clutch drum. The hopper is hauled by the steel wires. When it reaches the preset height, the hopper will discharge the material automatically.

3. Water Supply System

The free fall concrete mixer is equipped with a water pump. The water pump will directly supply water to the mixing drum.

4. Control System

The free fall concrete mixer has six panels to control different working mode, including foreward rotate, reverse rotate, etc.

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