Compulsory Concrete Mixer

The compulsory concrete mixer of LUTON Group is the most adopted type for our plant.

This type of mixer is modern and advanced. It shows great productivity and durability during production.

The output capacity (L) of the compulsory concrete mixer we provide is from
500 to 6000, if you have any other special needs, you can also tell our expert to adjust your mixer

Over 13,200 Mixers of LUTON Group are Exported to 110 Countries and Areas.

Most Adopted Models of Concrete Mixer For Sale

js500 twin shaft concrete mixer


JS1000 is one of the most adopted models among our compulsory concrete mixers. It has a compact size with great capacity. This mixer can fit most cases of construction.

Rated Productivity50m³/h
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD800
Discharging capacity(L)500

js1000 concrete mixer for sale


JS1000 is one of the most adopted models among our compulsory concrete mixers. It has a compact size with great capacity. This mixer can fit most cases of construction.

Rated Productivity60m³/h
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD1600
Discharging capacity(L)1000

MAO3000 concrete mixer for sale


LUTON Group specially adopt MAO series compulsory mixer for the large size concrete plant. Besides MAO3000, we still provide MAO4500 even MAO6000 for your producing need.

Rated Productivity180m³/h
Aggregate size(Pebble/Macadam)(mm)80/60
Matched Aggregate BatcherPLD4800
Discharging capacity(L)3000

LUTON Group, concrete plant manufacturer, is committed to providing the highest quality for you.

Founded in 1999, LUTON Group has become a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of rmc concrete plants, self-loading concrete mixers, dry mortar mixing plants in China.

We own a group of experts with mature experience and skills, always ready for your device.


We have over 22 years of concrete plant exporting experience.


Our products have been exported to 113 countries and areas.

1,000+ Technicians

We have a full-service expert group of more than 1,000 technicians.


Our factory and company cover an area of over 300,000 m2.

Two Types of Compulsory Concrete Mixer

Single-shaft Concrete Mixer

The single shaft type compulsory mixer has a relatively simpler structure.

With a single shaft and blades, it can both used for dry mix or wet mix. The whole body of mixer is fixed on the mixing tower, thus the trembling during producing is greatly reduced.

Due to the simple structure, the single shaft mixer is easier to maintain. What’s more, the price will be a littler higher. It’s an advisable chocie for the beginner of concrete investment.

Contact us to get the lastest price now.

Easy Maintain with Low Price

JDC500 single shaft concrete mixer

Stronger and Faster

double shaft concrete mixer

Twin-shaft Concrete Mixer

The twin-shaft concrete mixer is the most adopted type by LUTON Group.

This type of mixer has overwhelming capacity and efficiency. The whole mixing process can be accomplished within 1 minute.

The double shaft can get the ingredients fully exchanged and mixed when working. The concrete produced is homogeneous with high quality.

If you’re searching for an excellent mixer with high efficiency, this twin-shaft compulsory mixer will definitely meet all your need.

What Are The Differences Between A Drum Type Mixer And A Compulsory Concrete Mixer?

The main difference between these two types of mixers is their different structure and working principle.

The drum type mixer is simply structured. The whole drum will rotate when it starts to work. The inner materials will be lifted to a certain height and then fall down under the force of gravity. This traditional mixing method is easy to operate. But the efficiency and evenness is not as good as a compulsory one.

The compulsory concrete mixer is horizontal shaft design. The shaft with blades will mix and exchange the materials thoroughly and fast when working. The whole mixing process can be finished in 60 seconds, which greatly promotes the efficiency.

In general, the drum type mixer is simple and low-efficiency with lower cost, while the compulsory concrete mixer has larger capacity, and the cost will be a little higher.

LUTON Group provide both drum type and compulsory type mixer for our customers. Tell us your need and we help you choose your most suitable concrete mixer.

The Components Of Compulsory Concrete Mixer

1. Mixing System

The mixing system of the compulsory concrete mixer is composed of shaft, blade, scaleborad, etc. The mixing blade is made of highly wear-resistant alloy. All the mixing process is automatically controlled. The mixing system has lower energy cost and less noise produced.

2. Reducing Gear

There are two types of reducing gear to choose, the planetary gear speed reducer and the cycloidal pin gear speed reducer. You can choose any type according to your own need.

3. Electrical System

The control panels are all installed in the electrical box. The security is strictly ensured for the operator. The electrical system for the compulsory concrete mixer has lower cost with strong power. Contact us to learn more.

4. Feeding System

The feeding system of a compulsory concrete mixer is fully complete including hoisting mechanism, feeding hopper, feeding frame, and inlet. Besides, the conveyor between the mixer and the aggregate bins have two types to choose. The belt type for larger size and the hopper type for smaller size.

5. Discharging System

The discharging system is automatically controlled by computer. Hydraulic drive design can realize different discharging speed. This discharging system is more steady, more accurate compared to the traditional system.

6. Water Supply System

The water supply system consists of dynamo, water pump, valve, cleaning facility and pipes. The water pump will send the water through valve to the mixer. The water flow can be controlled according to your need.

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